Loft Beds

If you’re looking for a functional and space saving bed for your kid’s room, then you can also consider getting them a loft bed. This type of bed has the sleeping area elevated above the ground, leaving lots of free space underneath. With this free space you can place a desk and chair, a small bookshelf or chest of drawers, a futon chair or bean bag, the options are limitless!

Kids love having a loft bed, because it frees up lots of space under the bed, so they can put other essential furniture items there and not clog up their bedroom. This is a great solution for small and cramped bedrooms, that don’t have a lot of space to begin with.

Loft Bed vs. Bunk Bed

The main difference between the two, is that a bunk bed has two (usually twin size) beds on top of each other, allowing two kids to sleep there. However, if you have only one kid in a room, it’s best to get a loft bed. If your kid has frequent sleepover guests, you may consider getting a bunk bed or may get a folding bed or an inflatable mattress. Or you may get a loft bed with a futon on bottom, which can be used for sleeping and during the day, your kid can use it to sit, relax and read a book for example.

Loft Bed Size

The majority of loft beds come in twin size and accommodate a twin-size mattress, which is approximately 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. But you can also find a full or double loft bed, which gives your child more sleeping area and is roomier. The size you choose depends on your and your kid’s preference, as well as how big is the room you plan to have the bed in.

Loft Bed Frame Material

When you begin shopping, you’ll notice that there are different materials that loft beds are made of. The wide majority is made from solid wood (for example: pine wood or rubberwood), MDF (medium-density fibreboad) or also known as engineered wood, or from metal. Generally metal loft beds have a lower price compared to wooden or MDF ones. Don’t forget to check what is the maximum weight capacity of the bed, before you buy it. You need to know the maximum weight limit, and be sure your kid won’t exceed it, due to safety reasons.

You’ll also notice that there is a wide range of colors to choose from, the most popular colors are: white, grey, black, but you can also find brown, beige, blue, pink and other interesting choices.

Design of the Loft Bed

There is wide range of designs and styles you can choose from. Some even come a desk already built-in, which means that you don’t have to buy one separately. Others have stairs instead of a ladder, so the steps are wider and it’s easier to climb up and down. Some even come with a slide, or with storage shelves or drawers.

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