Has your toddler outgrown their baby crib? If that time has come, many parents will be faced with the decision on the type of bed they should transition their toddler into. If you bought a convertible 3 in 1, or 4 in 1 baby crib, then you’ll be able to easily convert it into a toddler bed, by removing two of the sides, and lowering the mattress height to the lowest possible position. In addition to this, you’ll be able to use your old crib mattress with the toddler bed. This way your child can use it’s toddler bed up until 4 or 5 years old.

If you’re reserving your current crib for the arrival of a new baby, this means that you’ll have to get a toddler bed and a second mattress, which will double your cost. That’s one of the reasons why many parents are looking into getting a twin bed instead.

Toddler Bed Versus Twin Bed

A toddler bed fits a mattress size of around 28 inches wide by 55 inches long. It usually has side rails and it’s low to the ground, which makes it safe to use by young children. Your child will be able to get in and out of bed easily, and the fact that it’s low to the ground makes it safer in case there are any tumbles at night. Your child should be able to use it up until the age of around 5 years old, after which it will become too small.

A twin bed fits a mattress size approximately 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. Most of them have a under bed clearance of around 10 inches, so it’s best to get guardrails. Another useful idea is to buy a bed with a headboard and footboard. You can then place the bed in the corner of your child’s room, so only one side of the bed will be accessible, this is where you’ll want to install the guardrails.

How to Prevent Falls?

As we already mentioned above, you should get guardrails and install them on the bed. Guardrails are very easy to install, and are either held in place by straps or slats under the mattress. You’ll also be able to find some twin size beds that already come with side rails, that are detachable, so you can remove them later on in the future. You can read some more useful tips at the Spruce.

Kids Floor Beds

If you are worried that the bed is too high for your child, you can also get them a kids floor bed that fits a twin size mattress. One of our favorite types is a kids house bed, where the bed frame has a shape and design of a house. Usually the mattress lays directly on the floor or there is a slat system built in. Either way, it’s very low to the ground and your child will sure love to sleep and play there. Consider decorating it with a canopy or fairy lights, and your boy or girl will be absolutely in love with their new bed.

twin size floor beds for toddlers

Low Bunk Bed

If you’re planning on having two kids share a room, that has limited space, you might want to consider getting them a bunk bed at one point or another. What’s interesting to note is that you can actually buy a low bunk bed, that has a low design where the bottom bunk touches the floor. In addition, you’ll be able to find a low bunk bed that is also detachable. This means that it can be separated into two twin size beds, and assembled back into a bunk bed, when your children are old enough and ready to sleep there. Below is an example of the Bellmead Twin over Twin Low Bunk Bed, by Greyleigh. Read more about low bunk beds here.

Bellmead Twin over Twin Low Bunk Bed, by Greyleigh stacked or detached beds

Give your child time to adjust

Don’t feel stressed or rushed about your toddler transitioning into a twin size bed. Give your child some time to get used to their new bed. You might want to use the same bedding, blankets, pillows and any other things your child feels familiar to ease with the transition. If you see that your child is just not ready yet, you can always keep the twin size bed for later, and get them a toddler bed for now.